So goes nature… into the future!

A farm
no doubt has its own charm.
But, I must remind you:
Don’t let your expectations go askew!

Listen to the silence stark,
interspersed with an occasional bark.
But, too hard don’t you dare ponder—
with speakers just waiting to blare from yonder.

Take a deep breath of the fresh air,
and lift to the blue sky your face fair.
But, let your fingers be ready—
When the plastics burn, your nostrils they must hold steady.

Enjoy the rows and rows of lush green,
Spread your arms and your body preen.
But, never you forget: the next time you cast your eye,
all you might behold is a building high.

Well, life is but transient,
You know it as a being sentient.
And, so goes nature…
into the future!