Oh Yes, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Underway.


Oh yes, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway.

“What’s so special about humans?” I once thought

We are like all other creatures in the universal plot!

Why is the Homo sapien the last word in evolution?

He seems bent on rapid self-dissolution.

How can one species affect—nay, assault—so many?

What impels us forward in our tyranny?

Then I realised: the potential impact of a human is immense

Even the biggest creatures don’t stoop to such offence!

I recollected all the “wise heads and brains”

And their discovery-invention-theory rains

A single innovation has cascading consequences

Time and space cannot stem their advances

A mobile phone, for instance, uses material

Like plastic, metal, chemical, and other things surreal

Mobile tech needs data centres and signal towers

Indubitably, a single find has far-reaching powers

Who is to answer all the creatures that suffer

And mutely say, ”Don’t do this, we beg to differ?”

What looms large is the human race

We refuse to pause or curtail our pace.

The human need, the human comfort,

The human luxury is the ‘just’ purport

Of all that goes on and will go on

Until that day a predator is born

With extreme appetite for human prey:

Oh yes, the fourth industrial revolution is underway. 

Note: when I was typing this poem, I wanted to tone it down with something lighthearted, but couldn’t. I confess, when I wrote that the advent of Artificial (General) Intelligence could signal the end of our race, I felt a sense of satisfaction. After all, our greed deserves the retribution.