Serving Up Water Fowls

As promised in an earlier post, here I am, serving up water fowls—no, it’s NOT a culinary feast, only a visual treat!

And when my photos are at large, can my write-ups be far behind? Fat chance—you will get a taste of both, if you just keep scrolling down.


An elegant cormorant cranes its neck and looks out (for prey or predator?)


A fluffy Goose (or perhaps a Gander) emerges from a dip. And how. Wow.



A shy White-Breasted Water Hen darts away, but not before obliging me with a nice shot. (Don’t worry, I didn’t tramp about and scare it; just walked casually by, pretending to be part of the undergrowth).


A purposeful Cattle Egret goes looking for cattle friends. This species follows bovines and thus earns its name.


A proud Pond Heron seems to say, “This expanse of water and the surrounding trees are my territory.”