Let Live, Live: Allow Justice to Recover

Let live, live: a new dawn, a new lesson, a new beginning

Live, let live.

Say, just how many people take this lesson in one breath?

Most cling on hard to the first word—Live—until death.

(I am not one to go making this into a pun.

But, if it comes along, I can’t shun it and run).

Well,  when people live and only live

And postpone—or even forget—to let live

What transpires?

A world where justice—big and small—repeatedly expires

Hence, the philosophy under advisement 

Requires a completely different arrangement

Let live and live:

A significant change in perspective 

Everyone needs this new lesson

Then perhaps, some troubles in the world would lessen

Particularly those in positions of power

Ought to Let live and then live—and thus allow justice to recover.