I am an introvert… and I am happy.


I am an introvert… and I am happy.

(Note: I dedicate this poem to introverts who are routinely misunderstood/persecuted)

One fine morning I saw

A chart on social media

Two personality types it described

Extroverts—and Introverts, it decried!


The Extrovert sat in a group

And with a smile bright, gazed at his soup

The Introvert sat, alone at her desk

And with a crushed frown, glared burlesque


To the quick, that picture stung me:

And I will tell you why (I cannot let it be)

I am an introvert, and I am happy

My breed is anything but loopy.


That introverts are bored, lonely, and steeped in melancholy

(I believe) is a myth and a stereotype, loathsome and lowly

We introverts are content being (with) ourselves:

How many people can say that for themselves?


We actively seek solitude,

Which gives an edge to our reflective attitude

Our thoughts make a special world

From where loudmouths get (routinely) hurled


Introverts seldom gossip or yak incessantly

We do not socialise senselessly

Our mouths are quiet; our minds & bodies are busy.

Here’s some advice:  give us a break, and take it easy.

And the next time you make your beastly charts

Remember—introverts have extra-happy hearts!