A Cat After a Rat: find out what happens!

A Cat 🐈After a Rat 🐀

(Why did I write this? I was thinking of Rat Trouble at our family farm!)

Oh drat

I hear a rat 🐭

In my room, clawing at my mat.

And I think: “How to get rid of that?”

You might ask me a question flat,

“Why not exterminate the intruder fat?”

“I couldn’t” would be my reply pat,

“There must be some alternative to that.”

That’s when the tom cat, 🐱

stalked along, and sat,

And with attention rapt,

listened to the spat.

I could see: he was ready for combat.

He sprang forward like a jungle cat, 🐯

egged on by his digestive tract,

lost to all shame, in fact.

The prey, no stranger to such an act,

scooted away with ready tact

The predator, after only a moment to react,

gave chase, his action plan to enact.

Wide eyed 😳and silent 🤐 I sat

Like a chastened brat.

Though my senses urged me to scat,

I simply had congealed into a prat.

Presently in zoomed a gnat, 🐝

cautious to avoid a sudden swat.

And I came to, not entirely intact,

But with a question, to be exact.

“Did the cat 🐈 catch the rat?” 🐀

I hope not, for the sake of the rat!

But, if it did, for the sake of the cat,

I must be happy, and leave it at that.


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