Small talk

5 points to make you a better professional: Pay attention to small things; You are not a ball to be chased or kicked; Have a personal vision; Don’t work to impress. Great article 👌🏼

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Talk’s cheap. Not listening, however, could be expensive. Here’s some small-talk-big-to-listen-to things I shared with a group of bright career upstarts.

My take on what works at work, especially when you’re starting your career: be a 5 point someone. I mean, someone who follows these 5 points. I learnt them the hard way as a rookie manager but they have stood the test of time for me.

5. Pay attention to the small things. Do not make small mistakes (“sorry about the typos in the agenda and material for the client meeting yesterday”) because they make you look small. If you must, then make big, honest mistakes that you – and everyone around you – can learn from.

4. You are not a ball to be chased. “Sorry, forgot to update you that I was going to miss the deadline to submit that proposal”. The worst thing you could do…

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