Ode to Photography: a magical Third Eye

A serendipitous moment it was, when my husband put a DSLR camera in my hands and taught me the basics: photography made a new dimension come alive; more importantly, it awoke me formally to the infinite variety in nature and this world. And now the poem.

Ode to Photography

Photography is, literally, writing with light (if you’re into etymology)

A fusion of art and science, this pursuit can be a delight!

Photography transforms you from a ‘viewer’ into an ‘observer’—

A camera in your hand makes ‘just another thing’ your subject.

What you once merely looked at, you begin to scrutinise:

Your camera’s lens turns into your own magical third eye.


A bird becomes a ‘bulbul’ or ‘hawk’ or ‘woodpecker’

A flower is specifically a ‘hibiscus’ or ‘lotus’ or ‘frangipani’

What was once mere green now assumes myriad shades

Lighting angles and intensity now replace simple ‘light and dark’

You find the hole in a bird’s beak is a ‘nare,’ its nostril

And realise the dent in a garden lizard’s head is its ear

You detect the call of a new bird and the faint scrabbling in a thicket

And see an animal from the corner of your eye without moving your head

You notice who appears at dawn and what happens at dusk

And are surprised no longer by the suddenly numerous things about you

You jump, run, stalk, twist, and assume positions you didn’t know you could

And no longer care about where you are or who is gaping at you


Photography, I would say, is more than a hobby or job:

I anthropomorph it into a teacher who lives by you for life!

Anyone out there who craves to be a lifelong learner?

Go on, get at a camera; you cannot go too far wrong there!