Madras Crocodile Bank: Tortoises, Lizards, Birds

Well, I did promise you a few Tortoises, Lizards and Birds in my first post on a recent visit to the Madras Crocodile Bank, and here I am, keeping my promise.

Below each photograph, I have also supplied short dialogues for these creatures. Hope you have fun scrolling!

First, the Aldabra Tortoise—a gentle giant.


“I know I am dribbling a leaf, but hey, who cares? It’s lunch time, after all!”


“I love entering the water to cool off. And I am not about to forget I am an amphibian.”

Now, for the Indian Star Tortoise.


“Yes, I am lunching too. And I cannot be bothered now. Snap.”

Big lizards coming up. First off the bat is a docile Iguana.


“Do you think I always plonk like this and daydream?”


“I transform at lunch and get ready to crunch and munch.”

Second to make an appearance is a Water Monitor Lizard.


“I believe you call the likes of me ‘blue-eyed beauties’? But wait till you see what I have got!”


“My claws. I can grip almost any surface. And I should like to see anyone dislodge me.”

Finally for the birds that are part of the crocodile bank ecosystem.IMG_0841

A Pond Heron snatches a fish. Right in the act.


“I don’t wait around for others to feed me. I grab my own grub.”

The final one on the agenda is a Black-crowned Night Heron.


“Oh no, I am not staring at my reflection, mesmerized. Just keeping my eyes peeled for prey.”


“And being a night heron, I must live up to my name and not be too active during the day. Hence, resting.”