Extolling Infinite Silence… through Words

Extolling silence… through words…

Language is finite

Silence, infinite.

Words are limited

Quiet, unlimited.


Oratory may incite violence

Not so, reticence

Verbs & nouns may lead to dissonance

Reserve results in consonance

Talk may mean misunderstanding

Taciturnity is rewarding.

Clamourous speech may cause disease

Soothing hush induces peace.

A picture may define the value of a thousand words

Measuring the worth of stillness: is it possible even for nerds?


But, wait, here’s a point to ponder:

While at words & talk, we might mock and scoff

In extolling silence & quiet, the word has the last laugh!

We may thus conclude true silence to mean

The calm of the mind and not the tongue, as seen.


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