The Teak and the Crow

IMG_1165 (1).jpg
The Mynah couple who confiscated ‘The Spot’ on this Teak tree from the Crow. 

There stands a teak tree, just aft my balcony
Daily a crow visits it, like a much-loved crony
The shiny, winged creature had a ‘peculiar’ habit
Only on the teak’s top-most branch, it inclined to sit
Dawn, afternoon, dusk—the crow came all day long
I wondered idly: “Does it check on the tree, or rest before flying along?”
Several months passed in this manner
The duo were a routine sight in my horizon’s corner

One day ‘Cyclone Vardah’ came upon our city
Many trees fell victim to its reckless ferocity
I stood upon my balcony, anxious for the teak
It swirled & swayed: but showed it hadn’t a spirit weak
The cyclone raged for hours, first in one direction and then in another
The next morning I knew, its highest branch, the teak had had to surrender

My first thought was for the crow: “How will it react?
Would it abandon the teak? Would it modify its ritual act?”

A few days later, I laughed delightedly at what I saw
The crow was back on the teak’s (now) top-most branch:
However, the story does not end there—there is a flaw
A couple of mynas drove it away and claimed the favourite spot!