An Elegy for a Little Dog, ‘Shamu’

Shamu, you dear little fellow,

We had hardly said “hello”

You were here for months, too few

Who knew death was round the corner to claim you?

Orphaned at birth, you lived at a shelter for a while

My family adopted you as a friend for our farm

Though only a tiny pup, you had your inimitable style

You were never cross: just always friendly and warm

Ramu, another pup from the shelter was not your brother

Yet, you both became fast friends

And always fooled about together

Setting your own rules and play trends

Shamu, your unique grey eyes were perpetually thoughtful

And your look and conduct always rather grave

Like most puppies, you were wont to be slothful

But, you had spirit and were no one’s slave

One fine day, you slept at my feet

How can I forget your soft touch and face so very sweet?

I shall remember your trustful little heart

Till the time comes for me too to depart…