Can We Judge the Koel’s Call?

Can we judge the Koel’s call?
(This poem followed close on the heels of my reading an article about ‘Crickets,’ which are forced to make louder and louder mating noises to beat the growing sounds of traffic, and how, many of them die, failing in their quest. Sitting at work near my room window, I found a koel’s persistent mating call rather jarring; and when I paused to reflect, this “poem” was the effect…)

Whoever said birdsong is melodious?

It’s not always so, you will agree.

At times it can be odious and tedious

To a degree.

Have you heard the mating call of the koel

filled with relentless desperation?

There is hardly a sound more cruel;

it’s no exaggeration.

And what does the koel have to say,

about yelling away?

“Humans! As a breed,
they are abominable, indeed.
Their deafening horns and loud speakers
Leave not a moment of peace for us seekers.
Sigh! How much more must I coo
before I find a mate who would do?”

So, dear reader,

After the caustic rejoinder,

Can anyone the koel blame?

Nah—it just wouldn’t be playing the game.