Earth 🌏 Day: Friend, not Fiend!


“Each year, Earth Day—April 22—marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970,” says

I write this post to share something I have ‘worked out’ from my experience.

Even when you just feel/think strongly of something and don’t make any fully-conscious/planned effort to convert it into action, you find one day that many of your actions are in alignment with the thought! Fogged?

I am a case in point. Let me explain.

Examining my personal part wrt Mother Earth on Earth Day, I ventured to make an explicit list of things I do everyday to reduce ‘adverse personal impact’ on earth.

And, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my list has quite a few items:

  • Use 1 bucket of water for bath. No shower.
  • Hand wash all my clothes. No machine.
  • Hand wash cooking utensils/crockery. No dish washer.
  • Use only fans in my space. No AC.
  • Vegetarian (I was born into such a religious community; that’s an advantage)
  • I rarely (if ever) eat out; hence, no use-throw crockery/food waste problem.
  • Moved to Kindle. No more buying of physical books.
  • Own a single pair of slippers/shoes/Hand bag at any point in time. No large accessory wardrobe.
  • Zero makeup.
  • Almost exclusively cotton garments. No leather, silk.
  • Look for locally produced brands; cloth bags.

Obviously, I am not going to pretend that this is a great show. On the contrary. I do all this with hardly any effort or inconvenience. There is so much more I can do!

Also, I cannot ignore the harmful things I do, either (to Earth, not economy 🙄), like owning multiple electronic devices such as smartphone, iPad, etc.

For many years now, through reading/observing/contemplating/discussing with family, the thought of my/humanity’s interaction with earth has been operating in the back of my mind.

While I used to feel guilty about ‘doing nothing’ and just ruminating, making the list above helped me understand that a thought-germ in the subconscious is a powerful driver—it does translate into everyday actions and has an effect.

And what’s more? The realisation has motivated me to continue to feel/think strongly about environmental impact—so that I evolve continuously as a friend of earth, not a fiend! I’m thinking 🤔 “Minimalistic sounds good…”