Garud, the Divine Carrier: a Sculpting and a Sketch

Last weekend, I and my husband headed to Mahabalipuram, a town supposed to have been built during the 7th century. It is just an hour’s drive from Chennai, where we live. 

Mahabalipuram is known for its brilliant and tasteful architecture. Some of the sculptures depict Hindu Gods like Krishna, while others showcase the lores surrounding them. 

We took several photographs on our trip. While you’ll kindly wait for the others, I share here Garud, the divine Brahminy Kite, and Vishnu’s (Krishna is one of His many incarnations) devotee and carrier/vehicle. 

Here Garud sits atop a wall surrounding the ‘Sthala Shayana Perumaal’ temple, guarding the premises. After offering prayers at the temple, we came out and took some photos.

Following the photograph is my sketch of Garud done using iPad Pro & pencil. The mark on his forehead is the ‘Sri Vaishnava’ (followers of Vishnu) religious mark.