A Prayer to Rain

Oh Rain! How much you make us yearn for you!

Watching for clouds, trying to read the winds,

referring to maps, reading up forecasts,

And in the meanwhile notching up the AC or using an extra fan,

Taking a chill drink from the fridge and eating food that cool the system.

But halt! That is what we humans do.

Oh Rain! Aren’t there others who pine for you too? 

Not in the same demanding, restless, and clamorous way that we have.

But in a more pleading, patient, and quiet way?

Trees. Covered in dust, wilting;

Hopeful in the morning cool, 

Gasping in the afternoon heat, 

(though never forgetting to rustle their leaves, give oxygen, and provide shade)

And sighing in the twilight—for you, who never came!

Animals and birds. Searching for sustenance in the morning.

Lucky are those who find food they can eat.

Curling up under the shade, which seems ever so rare to come by.

Never seen to fuss, even with the scorching heat searing their paws and skin and feet!

Oh Rain! You might well ask, “Whose fault is it that I play truant?”

For shame, it is us humans. 

Running further and further amok.

In search of comfort, luxury, style, the inexplicables—ultimate happiness.

Destroying the very core of existence. 

Realising and yet turning away.

Hey, stop. Don’t we have an excuse?

You see, the acceleration just doesn’t let us stop. 

And yes, we are pursuing pleasure. A virtuous pursuit, no less.

Ah, but conscience insists on speaking. 

We are grave-diggers. And selfless, at that. 

We dig not just for ourselves, but also for others—though we have no rightful claim on them.

But, while we humans are busy chasing the proverbial rainbow, 

The Almighty has graced the so-called inferior beings:

with the philosophical outlook of taking what comes.

Oh Rain! Won’t you come for their sake?