Bird Chat: What were those birds talking about?

What were those birds talking about?

I saw a couple of birds this morning;

their aspect was anything but boring.

They stood, each other facing,

as though seriously communing!

And I couldn’t help theorising,

on what they were contemplating.

The weather?

The early worm?

Nesting gossip,

or birdly wisdom?

What was passing between the birds?

I simply had to know the words!

…and still they stood,

Still as wood;

Until my eagerness,

I could barely harness.

Then, abruptly they flew away,

having apparently said their say.

Sigh! My curiosity is fated

to remain unsated.

I consoled myself,

without letting disappointment engulf:

“Birds will be birds,

They aren’t nerds!

Bird brains

Don’t contain intelligent grains.”

Calling me the fox in the adage?

Hmm. I acquiesce in the badinage.