Survivor of a Nuclear War

Survivor of a nuclear war

(A poem I wrote when I was in high school, seems more than ever relevant today; also in the wake of the appalling and dastardly UK bombing)

Alone through the desert which once was the world

Do I wander aimlessly – searching for a sign of life

But, alas! none as yet have I found

Vast expanses of rubble

Double my soul’s trouble

Hands here, legs there

Heads too I find strewn uncared

The air, too smogy in the heights,

Refuses visibility of the skies

Charred stumps glare at me

With pity in their eyes

Something acid touches me

No pain remains however

And so I wander aimlessly

Searching miserably for a sign of life

My spirits run low

I wonder mysteriously – Is this fiction?

The world has been given to annihilation

By nuclear and chemical missiles

And here I am wandering

The sole owner of the remnants

Of the once fertile earth

Contempt brews in my heart for the Gods

At whose mercy the globe once was

Who betrayed the faith of thousands –

The faith of those who believed their home would be saved

With a start I look,

I thought I saw something move

But, alas!

Suddenly enveloped in convulsions, I vomit blood

And knowingly

I am going towards death………….