This little Hoopoe had such a lot to do…

Here are two photographs of a hoopoe. My poem that follows recalls the exact scene, as I watched him and snapped away with a pleased smile.

FullSizeRender - CopyFullSizeRender

This little hoopoe had such a lot to do

He landed on the lawn from a sky bright blue

He pranced and pranced all over the grass

And pecked at the soil like a dainty lass

Oh, what a bill he had, fine and long

Just then though, he rendered no song

He had a black eye, bright and beady

He focused on his lunch, but didn’t seem greedy

Every now and then, he would bend down

To catch an insect and bob his crown

Oh, what a pretty little sight the Hoopoe made

He stayed for a time, before a farewell he bade!