Tech Trick Trap


Dolphin, dear dolphin,

The intelligent denizen

And the kind citizen

Of the oceans!

We are coming after you,

With our intelligence artificial

And intentions subterfugal.

Be aware, dear.

We will soon understand what you say,

We will manipulate you to work for us,

And no, we won’t let you kick up a fuss,

You will be our slave, we don’t need your leave!

And having wormed our way into your world

We will try to ensnare other species

Creepy, crawly, flying, walking: all will do for our theses

Oh how, oh how, will you stay safe and keep your freedom?

We use tech

To trick and trap

Better not take a carefree nap

Else, you’ll be lost…


Note: This poem is a result of different tech articles I read.

One, about an Artificial Intelligence company taking on a 3-yr project to decode the dolphin language, given that scientists know they have ‘sophisticated’ communication codes. Also, some armies use dolphins to identify underwater mines.

Another article described how “animal freedom” is just a mockery—in an earlier era, animals were thought to have no emotions like humans and hence no ‘suffering’ in cages, shows, labs etc. But, today post all the enlightenment about the existence/clear possibilities of their emotional states, much the same treatment continues.

Also, bugs like dragon flies are getting their “minds” “mapped/directed” by outside (human-controlled) systems, so they can “carry” things for us such as spy systems etc.

Such inventions (I call them Cruel Trespassing) are riddled with innumerable ethical questions… How dare we?!