Oh Yoga, You are a Universal Tool: Ode to Yoga

20170620_230538Yoga: you’re a Sanskrit word

You represent ‘Connect,’ I’ve heard

You teach your student

To become more prudent

And connect body, mind, and soul

Through breath control.

You bestow discipline in food, activity and relationship

With Cosmic Divinity, you reveal every soul’s kinship

To anyone who wanders aimless and clueless

You give anchor, in a manner flawless

Oh Yoga, you’re a universal tool

One who enters your sanctum ceases to be a fool.


2 thoughts on “Oh Yoga, You are a Universal Tool: Ode to Yoga

    1. Let me quote BKS Iyengar, yoga guru: “Do not stop trying just because perfection eludes you” 
      My belief is “Try to attain YOUR perfection; that would eventually culminate in THE perfection.”
      One needs to be consistent, persistent. A few asanas, a few minutes per day to start with, but every day. In weeks, it will be possible to improve on that. My own experience ☺

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