Saying it with Silence: a chance encounter with a bird over a cuppa!

Last week I was at a mountain spot (the Western Ghats again and another town this time) with my husband.

I always wake early. That day too I did and had made myself a steaming cup of coffee. Taking that and a biscuit in my other hand, I went to the hotel room balcony and sat down on a chair surveying the vast mountain side and lake.

In a few moments, this plush birdie (it is a red whiskered bulbul – a cute name isn’t it?) landed on the balcony railing and cocked a meaning eye at me.

IMG_0284 (1).jpg

I didn’t move a muscle lest I should scare it off. But, I won’t pretend I wasn’t itching to reach out and say Hello!

I was swift to realise the bird was hungry and was probably exploring the opportunity to share my biscuit. Well, now comes the sweet part. Even before I could decide how to give it a piece, it had flown to the chair next me and awaited my response. Absolutely, I assure you!

With minimal movement, I snapped a small piece off the biscuit and nonchalantly laid it on the table in front. The bird swooped on it, caught it in its beak and streaked off.


It just goes to show, doesn’t it, that communication simply isn’t about words? The dumb chum showed that anyone could be eloquent while being silent.

Evidently, we all connect at a deeper level. Ironically though, at most times, we just lack the capacity to go beyond the superficial.

When I told my husband about this incident, the poor fellow turned green at having missed the lovely encounter. And that completely made my day (mean me 😀).

Note: The photos I have supplied here are from my earlier stay on the very same Western Ghats, but at a different town.