Wines or Whines—which Packs a Heavier Punch?

Wines can get one into a stupor

Whines too could put people in a torpor

Wine makes one forget oneself

Whine transfers focus from action to itself

Wine gives a headache

Whine too induces many an ache (including ear ache)!

Wine tastes better (supposedly) in company

Whine becomes louder in symphony

Wine and Whine—they pack the same punch

They bring down all concerned, in a bunch.

Wine & Whine—they sound the same!

Is it because they have similar effects in life—the daily game?

It is sensible to keep these blighters at arm’s length:

That should yield health, wealth and strength.



One day I was harangued by a relative whining and I wrote this poem to get my grated nerves to normal! By the way, all this stuff about wine is pure hearsay, I have no practical knowledge 😉