Customise What is Right

What is Right?

For sure, it isn’t Left!

But, jokes apart,

What is Right?

What feels right to me

Is (my version of) Right

Let no one say otherwise

They have no right!

When someone insists

Their method is right

Their belief is right

Their idea is right

They are so not right.


Yes, there is a universal Right

But that exists only at the overall level

At the individual level, make no mistake:

The Right that works for one

May be wrong for the other

For example, hard work is Right

And a person might work many hours a day

To complete a task

However, another might work a lot less

And still finish the job better!


Also, sometimes one doesn’t

Stick to what one believes is Right

As one has to meet

Situational demands

For instance, killing a life isn’t done

And I believe it is Right

But, have I never killed?

I can’t pretend to that—

with pests on my hit list.

I accept it as wrong

and still do it

and must be prepared to face

any (divine) retribution for it


So, go on and decide

What is Right for you

Customise your version of Right

And when you adopt that for life

You will find delight!