Telling Tales is Good Sometimes

Telling tales is good sometimes:

It’s the only thing that works at times.

It makes articulating simple and slick;

And understanding easy and quick.

I hanker for tales when I have a point to make:

They make my task a piece of cake!


Here is a case I should like to present,

And let you gauge my argument.

One day, I tried to warn my son

About pick-pockets unḍer the sun.

He listened with a flippant grin,

As if my case was too thin!

Then I narrated an incident

From my experience as a precedent:


“When I was in college

I lugged several books as baggage.

And going by bus every day,

I thought myself a veteran in a way.

My mother warned me against crooks:

Alas, advice and caution youth rarely brooks!

That very day, I was licked,

And my favourite purse was picked.”


At this, my son laughed gleefully

Like sons do normally,

When moms get fooled

And have their pride cooled!

But, I knew the lad had got the message:

He would be careful not to lose his visage.

Well, here I rest my case.

Telling tales isn’t (always) base!