Get Back to Our Wise Roots. Appeal to My Fellow Indians.

Note: Our Indian culture is rooted in ‘lokhA samasthA sukino bhavanthu’ which translates roughly into ‘May all the worlds be happy’. However, in the past several hundred years, our land has faced and evolved—I believe disadvantageously—through multiple invasions (Islamic, British).

After observing fellow Indians, I personally think we have moved away from our roots, which has Spiritual Connectedness at its core. People were trained to look at the bigger picture and put others’ welfare ahead of their own. This meant all the fundamental civic courtesies/etiquette were taken care of, automatically.

But in these times, we have imported a confused and twisted view of what our highest goals/pursuits must be. Hence, we have become more self-centred (reflecting what is going on across the world). At the same time, we have failed to adopt even the most basic civic tenets the rest of the world generally has.

Well, I have woven these thoughts into some verse that relates to simple, day-to-day life. There are of course other macro things, but that’s for another time.

Hope this poem strikes a chord and gets people thinking.


A milieu of apathy and greed

The (current) besetting bane of India’s creed

An unhealthy combo of east and west

Has led to an attitude far from the best

The ‘Tolerate what comes’ of eastern philosophy

Meets the ‘Desire everything’ of western audacity

And results in “Do what you like

Don’t fret whom it might strike”

Chuck things on the road

Cling on the bus footboard

Spit anywhere

Without a care

Treat public spaces

As private terraces

Use civic amenities

without niceties

The list just grows

I will not write more rows

Why can’t we consider the nation’s property

As more precious than individual liberty?

Patriotism is more than the ‘Jai Hind’ slogan

Country’s welfare must be our top concern!