When I Lose My Cool

Note: I found several emojis that sum up my facial expressions rather aptly and have used them liberally here.

When I lose my cool 😎

I feel like a complete fool. 🙄

Mostly, I manage to rein in my temper 🤐

But, can seldom help the agitated flutter 😖

I know not how else to cope, 🙃

When things and people act beyond hope! 😜

(Do you?)

I realise my patience is definitely finite,

By day or night!

You’d agree, not a happy discovery:

It’s uncomfortable being angry. 😡

But, having once recognised this fact

I am equipped with better tact;

I now contain my irritation quickly 😏

And respond more dispassionately. 😏

I am not done yet, though,

Perpetual calm is what I hope to grow…😌






Nature Has Geometry…

IMG_7943 (1).jpg

I had captured these frothy waves on my camera a few days ago. Looking at the parallel-line, right-angled waves, I felt awe-struck and came up with a few lines of rhyme:

Nature has geometry

and symmetry…

There is artistry

In all its varied tapestry!

It’s part of our ancestry

And lends itself to loads of poetry…

Let’s not think it paltry

But show it some gallantry!

What’s Your Ambition?

What’s Your Ambition?
Having one is ‘Tradition’!
Here are a few to pick off the shelf
And make a name for (or a fool of) yourself. 😉

“Make a strong pitch
Become rich ₹$€
Let your brains evaporate
But, earn a doctorate ✍🏼
Bend it like Beckham, friend
And turn into a sports legend ⚽️
Sing like it’s an addiction
Grow popular like Michael Jackson 🎤”

Is none of these your cup of tea?
Cool, then you are like me!
Never mind, all these are too fantastic 
I prefer something less bombastic!

I have defined ambition for my use
It reads simply: “Be content, no grouse” 
I have a good mind to advise you:
Try defining ambition anew!