Haiku: Invincible Euphoria

Feeling on top of the world.
Sitting on the bottom step.
Invincible euphoria.


Note: this poem occurred to me as I wondered why many birds (at least the ones I’ve watched) showed a preference to perch on top branches of trees.

Is it because it makes them feel on top of the world? Then it dawned on me that sitting on top of the world and feeling on top of the world must remain unconnected for invincible joy…


A Beaming Sunflower


A beaming sunflower

My favourite colour

An endless garden green

My heart smiles unseen

A blue sky canopy

I am happy, happy!


Note: saw this beautiful sunflower field on a recent religious trip to Thirupathi Hills, a divine spot for Hindus.

Being Professional


Being ‘Profession’al.
Is that meant only for our professions?

Ethical, practical.
Polite, timely.
Patient, decisive.
Capability, integrity.
Duty, discipline.
Knowledge, clarity.
Hard work, perseverance.
These and more
Make a Professional.

Some words
Convey restrictive meaning.
‘Profession’al Attitude
Must transcend profession.

Professional Attitude
Is a personal attribute.
To teach
At every school.
At every home.

Every person
Must strive to
Be a Professional.


Photographed during a recent trip to Vijayawada, South India.

Here’s a river

Swollen with water.

Oh what joy.

Water. Tasteless, odourless, colourless.

The elixir of life, nevertheless.

To be loved. Forever.

To be revered. Always.

To be thanked. Every day. Many times.

To be saved. Every drop. At all times.

Shall we?