Even When You Face a Wall

P1000164 2.jpg

Even when you face a wall,

Remember there is life

You can grow, blossom and give out fruits…

Possibilities plenty—

Change your path, Go over the hurdle, or Break the block…

May every wall spur action!


Note: When I see this fresh tree, full of life, in front of the mossy, dilapidated wall, I feel the contrast and the endless possibilities in life. Hence the poem above!


A Poem on New Tech – 3D Printing

3D Printing comes to town,
a technology of renown.
Toy houses to skyscrapers can brew
From 3D printers: it’s true!

And soon (or maybe in a while),
3D Printing will come to all in style.
A dress here, an artwork there
A surgical accessory to repair a tear:

One can ‘create’ every imagination and need then
But… what will happen to the minimalist Zen?
And if some people print killer guns to use
Peace and quiet will (again) blow a fuse.

Wild Almond Tree

Walking by the wild almond tree

Looking up to read its secrets

Amidst the bright green leaves

The spreading branches

The numerous nest homes

I felt a strong presence

A support system

Where many lives came and went

One life that stood

As if for eternity

Watching and waiting…

“For what?,”

I left wondering

With a quiet sigh and smile…

Note: this beautiful tree stands at All India Radio, Chennai, along the Bay of Bengal.