Visual Noise Makers

Note: please forgive the scribble-like handwriting,  it’s a sleepy woman’s scrawl.



Banishment to a Parallel Earth

How I wish there were a parallel earth

where negative people would always have a welcome berth!




Self-centred rats

Calculating thugs

Slimy slugs

Egoistic cons

Disapproving morons:

The Pandora Box Population

would do well in a parallel nation

That celebrates the negativity curse

Away from this universe.

The rest could then have a chance

The quality of their lives, to enhance!




When you discover your precious crystal is but ice…

When you discover your precious crystal is but ice

It’s chilling, and not so nice

When the castle you’ve built over the years

Reveals itself as rubble and crumbles about your ears

When your trust stands broken

And you stand shaken

When you begin to doubt your intuition—

That is the time for a lot of introspection

And an opportunity to evaluate

things and people at your gate…

Like tech disruption, this is life disruption

And how you rise up to meet it, determines the conclusion

A precious crystal turns out to be ice, a castle, some rubble—a lady looks on, perplexed.

What to Write?

I sit on my chair, looking into space

with a fixed stare, waiting for an idea to surface

Only a sigh escapes me, during the vigil

Not a shimmer do I see , of a single idea—just NIL

I tap my pencil on my chin and cross my legs

And wonder how to win a (worthwhile) thought from my mind’s dregs?

I wag my head mournfully and look down at my tablet

A bit of verse glares back frigidly; well, I’ve done my best and this is that!





“The Blues”

This is a photograph I took with my mobile yesterday on an afternoon beach-walk. Location: ThiruvotriyUr, North Chennai.

The blues of the sky and the sea were simply delightful. And I and my family weren’t alone in enjoying them. Incidentally, that stray boy over there is wearing blue!

The beautiful rocky natural ‘wharf’ just upped the loveliness quotient several notches. But, I hadn’t the nerve to cross all that jagged rock on to the ocean front. However, couldn’t resist going on the beach and standing in the waves!

Well, all that bluuuue made me think of a poem I had written many months ago about what it could mean to “Have the Blues”.



Having the blues…

How many blues, how many hues?

The sky’s blues bring on bright & sparkling days

The mountain blue shows majestic mystery, hard to erase

The blue in water is a reminder of cool tranquility & abundance

The blues of flora & fauna show up in delightful incandascence

Then why doesn’t ‘Monday morning blues’ indicate happy optimism & energy?

Why doesn’t ‘feeling blue’ mean euphoric & peaceful synergy?

Beats me… (black & blue)

What connotation must I place on this hue?

And if you ever have the blues, you know what to think, don’t you?


What Life Throws, It Throws.


Note: I was sitting at my bay-window today morning working intently; the moment I stopped, I heard a plethora of sounds.

And while I was amusedly processing the episode, I realised (and of course, wrote a poem, to I don’t know how many people’s chagrin—my son is one, for sure!) what Life could mean to people with different mind-frames.

Subduing Nature = Patching a Hole in a Boat

For centuries Man

Has hankered for control, with no ban

But, every time he grasps something

In its wake, a problem does spring!


Attempting to subdue nature

is like patching up a boat’s aperture

When one hole gets closed

Elsewhere, others bigger are forced!


Where one must live in harmony, one must

No point letting loose greed and lust

Like a crane that has but a single thought

A handful of idiots might bring everyone to naught!


With nature, we must co-exist

That’s the only way to subsist

Nature is a gift to care for and share

Forget that and we won’t be treated fair!


Do You Dare Complain?

Can you sleep and wake when you like?
Eat what you want
Dress as you please?
Can you talk, be silent, sing,
Write and read,
Walk or sit,
Work and relax…
All as per your comfort?

Do you realise all
These everyday choices
Are luxuries out of reach
For many, many millions?

Do you still dare complain?

Are you sure you should?

Note: one day as my son left for college (he is a day scholar), I said: “I’m feeling a bit under the weather, I think I shall nap for a bit.” And tongue-in-cheek, I also said, “While you slog, I shall take it easy.”

That then set me thinking about war-torn places, nations ruled by autocrats etc. where people are oppressed daily, beyond tolerance. I then reflected upon how easily some folks complain about their ‘circumstances’ without a tremor, as though their lives alone had challenges.

And I put my thought process down in verse…

Writing Nonsense (a super-short poem)

One day I sat at brunch
And started chewing—
crunch, crunch

Then I had a hunch
“If I overdo the munch, munch
My tummy would go punch, punch”

Hence I skipped lunch
(Though it was a wrench
And had some nice toast, French)

Note: I seem to hear some voices accusing I write nonsense ALL the time. Ignoring those with a light laugh, I publish this silly 😜 poem.