Liberate Yourself, and Go, Rock!


When you muse on oppressive thoughts:

Your lips, curved in a smile, tightens into a thin line

Your erect spine curls into a stoop

Your straight shoulders sag into a handle

Your bright eyes droop sadly

Your chirpy voice drags away

Your jaunty steps turn into a heavy tread

Your expressive hands become mute:

In short, your spirit shrinks.


Why cling to oppressive thoughts?

Break away, and feel a new energy

Tuck into a nice thought now

Turn your smile on again

Square your shoulders, and stand upright

Look ahead, and let your eye shine

Croon a little, animate your hands

And bring on your perky stride

In short, Liberate Yourself, and Go, Rock!

Oh Yoga, You are a Universal Tool: Ode to Yoga

20170620_230538Yoga: you’re a Sanskrit word

You represent ‘Connect,’ I’ve heard

You teach your student

To become more prudent

And connect body, mind, and soul

Through breath control.

You bestow discipline in food, activity and relationship

With Cosmic Divinity, you reveal every soul’s kinship

To anyone who wanders aimless and clueless

You give anchor, in a manner flawless

Oh Yoga, you’re a universal tool

One who enters your sanctum ceases to be a fool.