KonMari—Easy & Effective Decluttering and Organising Method

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Like most people (OK, let’s not kid ourselves), like a select few people, I love to keep my space organised—to be able to see, keep/replace, and retrieve all my things with ease. However, I was never really satisfied with any of my methods. Until one fine day, January 2016, to be close to exact 😉 I stumbled upon Marie Kondo—bless her! Yes, that’s how strongly I feel—and her amazing method of decluttering and organising, KonMari.

I tried KonMari in my space. And I assure you, it was one lovely transformation! My husband and son, who had been skeptical when I began the KonMari venture, were almost at once converted. They begged me to help them with their own spaces. I did (of course, I did not forget to get a few reciprocal-favours from them), and I have them thanking me frequently to this day!

KonMari in my home took me about 4 weeks to complete. As I had no intention of tiring myself out or excusing myself from my routine work, I would dedicate only about an hour per day to it. It has been several months since I KonMari-ed my place, and I have had no trouble at all in maintaining it in complete order.

Here is a quick run-through of what KonMari is all about—World Famous DeCluttering Method. I take you along all the steps in the KonMari method. Moving from clothes through books to sentimental items, you retain only the things you love and then fold/arrange and organise. Note: being Indian, the examples I have given mention Indian garments such as sarees, but that’s really beside the point. 

For further details and sources, you could check out YouTube.

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