Lesson 13 : RSS Spoken Sanskrit Transcript

Namaste readers!

Here is the transcript/transliteration/meanings for Lesson 13 (part 2) of RSS Spoken Sanskrit YouTube videos: Lesson 13 Part 2 – RSS Spoken Sanskrit -Transcript

The lesson is on :  If – then; From – to , starting from , give to, like – in same manner.

Good luck learning!

Spoken Sanskrit Lesson 9 Transcript


RSS SpokenSanskrit Lesson 9 Transcript is here Lesson 9.pdf


  1. Please excuse the smudged highlights in the document–just getting used to working with SurfacePro/Windows 10. 
  2. These lessons are for people learning Spoken Sanskrit using RSS Videos on YouTube. While learning, I prepare a transcript/transliteration/translation of these videos. Happy to share them here.