Nature’s Deal: Fair, Raw, Merciless

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Rendezvous Gone Wrong?!


A male and female koel have a literal face-off here—I mean, they have got on the same rod, but seem unable to see ey-to-eye! Why? I wonder… and did they make up their differences? Well, I didn’t get to see how it all ended!

Distinguished Walkers!

Here are three walkers—birds I caught on camera at various times and locations. Simply loved their grace

  1. Little Egret, North Chennai Backwaters.


2. White-browed Wagtail, from a village (country side) in South Chennai.

Well, there is some cattle dung in the foreground. I didn’t want to edit it out, because I feel it lends a touch of reality to the bird’s habitat.IMG_7979 (1).jpg

3. A pigeon along a parapet, Chennai cityscape.IMG_7984 (1).jpg

Someone on a White Horse

IMG_8109 (1)

Here is an afternoon scene from Beach Road, Chennai, India. A man rides by on a white horse, while a bunch of lads watch.

Usually, it is Prince Charming who comes astride white horses. Well, quite possibly, this person is someone’s Prince Charming and is trotting up to meet her!