Nature Has Geometry…

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I had captured these frothy waves on my camera a few days ago. Looking at the parallel-line, right-angled waves, I felt awe-struck and came up with a few lines of rhyme:

Nature has geometry

and symmetry…

There is artistry

In all its varied tapestry!

It’s part of our ancestry

And lends itself to loads of poetry…

Let’s not think it paltry

But show it some gallantry!

It’s Crow Time, Folks!

Did you know? Crows are one of the cleverest, resilient, adaptable bird species!

Here, I present a few fascinating photos from my collection…

  1. “We too know geometry, and what equidistant means. And sometimes, hierarchy rules!”


2. “We always share and eat, and live by the dictum The more, the merrier. Yummy cooked rice!”


3. “We could be as ‘punny’ as the next guy—we are en’light’ened crows”


4. “We are an affectionate couple and can treat each other with warmth”


Rain, Life Giver!

Rain, life giver

Note: those living in tropical regions and those depending on rains for agriculture would empathise easily with this poem.

You may take it in a literal senseor you could think of God’s mercy as rain and read (I was inspired to use this idea from Tamil (divine) literature, namely, Thiruppaavai by AnDaaL).

I speak through my pen,  When there’s no one (worthwhile) to listen.


I speak through my pen 
When there’s no one (worthwhile) to listen.

Why should my thoughts be mute,
When they have a route
To get out and become 
Words, wholesome?

Why must my ideas be untold
When I can let them unfold
Without opposition or censure,
To savour in the future?

When I get no ear
To pour my mind without fear
I reach out for a paper
(or a tablet)
And morph into a writer
(I don’t fidget)
It only needs a perspective change
That may initially seem strange…

Must you seek a person
To unbelt your opinion?
A plain page is as good as a pal
And always at your beck and call!
Also, with an infinite capacity
To hold all your views in safety

So, may I mention
Once again my notion?
Speak through your pen
When there’s no one to listen!