Guess What.


This is just a teeny burr that clung to my clothing on a recent ramble across a ‘brushy’ stretch. Did a close-up, fascinated by its micro hooks.



Snoozing Squirrel

A squirrel snoozes in the warmth of the early morning sun. Outside my window.

Before you wonder, they sometimes sleep with open eyes. They have to be careful as they have many predators!

He kept still for several minutes, and that’s why I concluded he was asleep.  Usually, they are nervous and frisky. Well, quite possibly, he was sunning himself.


Being Professional


Being ‘Profession’al.
Is that meant only for our professions?

Ethical, practical.
Polite, timely.
Patient, decisive.
Capability, integrity.
Duty, discipline.
Knowledge, clarity.
Hard work, perseverance.
These and more
Make a Professional.

Some words
Convey restrictive meaning.
‘Profession’al Attitude
Must transcend profession.

Professional Attitude
Is a personal attribute.
To teach
At every school.
At every home.

Every person
Must strive to
Be a Professional.


Photographed during a recent trip to Vijayawada, South India.

Here’s a river

Swollen with water.

Oh what joy.

Water. Tasteless, odourless, colourless.

The elixir of life, nevertheless.

To be loved. Forever.

To be revered. Always.

To be thanked. Every day. Many times.

To be saved. Every drop. At all times.

Shall we?