Lesson 13 : RSS Spoken Sanskrit Transcript

Namaste readers!

Here is the transcript/transliteration/meanings for Lesson 13 (part 2) of RSS Spoken Sanskrit YouTube videos: Lesson 13 Part 2 – RSS Spoken Sanskrit -Transcript

The lesson is on :  If – then; From – to , starting from , give to, like – in same manner.

Good luck learning!

Spoken Sanskrit Lesson 10 Transcript

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Here is the transcript/transliteration/meanings for Lesson 10 of RSS Spoken Sanskrit YouTube videos: Lesson 10 RSS Video Transcript PDF

The lesson has examples for questions like what, when, how, why etc. It deals with present/past/future tenses; a Saying and a story.

Hope you are making progress!


Learn Spoken Sanskrit: Lesson 1


संस्कृतं देवभाषास्ति
वेदभाषास्ति संस्कृतम् ।
प्राचीनज्ञानभाषा च
संस्कृतं भद्रमण्डनम् ॥

Sanskrit is a divine language.
Sanskrit is the language of Vedas.
It is also the language of ancient knowledge.
Sanskrit is a language which adorns prosperity.

[Courtesy: http://subhashitaratnavali.blogspot.in/search/label/Sanskrit]


Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, is not just sweet-sounding but is also highly functional, intricate and sophisticated. Many strive to learn this language but get intimidated by the mind-boggling grammar rules that govern It. However, learning the basics of Spoken Sanskrit need not be a formidable challenge. Here’s why:

Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan’s 40 videos on YouTube (by Kavya and Shastra at https://youtu.be/d03uKp_OX18) take you through Spoken Sanskrit quickly and easily. A teacher converses in Sanskrit to a class of students, and through Sanskrit teaches Sanskrit—rather like how you learned your mother tongue by listening to your elders speak and reproducing the same!

Well, when I decided to learn spoken Sanskrit, I chose these RSS videos as the most effective way to go about it. I watched all the forty videos over a period of a couple of weeks. But, though simple, interesting and fast, I keenly felt the lack of a transcript in PDF form.

With a transcript on hand, I thought it would be possible to ‘participate’ in the conversations of the class (by talking along with the teacher). I also realised that to retain what I learned and to sift through the lessons offline, a PDF would come in uncommonly useful. Hence, I ventured to prepare every lesson’s transcript in Sanskrit script (with English transliteration and meaning) and make them available as PDFs for interested people.

Here is Lesson 1 Transcript: rss_learn-spoken-sanskrit_transcript_lesson-1

I used https://samskrit.wordpress.com/ for parts of the transcript and a Spoken Sanskrit dictionary from here http://www.spokensanskrit.de to make references for meanings and spellings.

Disclaimer: There might be a few (or more) spell errors in the transcript, as I am NOT an expert in Sanskrit (a novice, in fact)! Also, I have left out repetitions by the students.

Good luck in finding your way through the lush lands of Sanskrit!