A Crow Looks In

I am sure this crow and its mate recognise me. Whenever we meet across the window, this bird looks pointedly at me and/or caws or comes to the closest branch possible and looks in.

I do leave food everyday for birds at another window. So, they probably want that service here too. Or may be it’s just a hello! Whatever it is, it sure is cute!

Life is made of infinite little equations (A mere Twig is someone’s Treasure)

A crow, whose activities I observed for a while, before capturing this moment. From my archives, perhaps more than a year old (?)—I mean the archive date, not the crow’s age 🙂 

This assiduous crow rested half-way to its nest after gathering (tearing/breaking it off from a nearby tree) a twig, longer than itself.

As I watched it in action, I was struck by how a mere twig we would chuck away as litter serves as treasure for another creature.

Such innumerable little equations are what make life a miracle, an enigma, something one must marvel at and respect. You agree, surely?