It is Dusk

A bird is back

To stop in its nest

It is dusk

Time to rest

A hush steals in

The sky turns golden

It is dusk

Come to soothen

Darkness descends

The world shuts down

It is dusk

Your oats… are sown!


One Little Bird

You come to the tree

and twitter away

Exhibit some spirit

and hold me in sway

You jump about

With restless energy

And commune with your mate

in complete synergy

Watching you every morn

And hearing your song

Gives me joy

All day long

A Crow Looks In

I am sure this crow and its mate recognise me. Whenever we meet across the window, this bird looks pointedly at me and/or caws or comes to the closest branch possible and looks in.

I do leave food everyday for birds at another window. So, they probably want that service here too. Or may be it’s just a hello! Whatever it is, it sure is cute!

Predator – a falcon from my window

A Peregrine Falcon subjects the surrounding to a leisurely scrutiny.

Well, I stood preparing breakfast and was looking out my window idly. And saw a parrot 🦜 perch atop a neem tree. Almost instantly though, it took off, just as another bird landed on a neighbouring tree.

Thinking it must be a predator it fears, I ran to grab my camera and on focusing the lens saw this one. Af peregrine falcon.

Feather in Black


A drongo casts an intent look into the yonder from a thorny bramble — a photograph from an aimless ramble a few months ago, outskirts of Chennai.

Who wouldn’t love the shiny black, the perfect white spot below the beak, the forked tail and the beady eye!


Look who’s trying to get in at my window!


An imaginary silent conversation between me and this persistent visitor into my room:

Who are you?

A pigeon. A bold one. With a personality.

What are you doing?

Just looking in and around.

Why are you here often?

I am just fascinated by this room.

What are you doing, strutting about?

Oh, exploring and stuff.

Aren’t you scared of me being here?

No, I don’t mind you – you seem harmless.

Ah well, so long. Be safe!