What Life Throws, It Throws.


Note: I was sitting at my bay-window today morning working intently; the moment I stopped, I heard a plethora of sounds.

And while I was amusedly processing the episode, I realised (and of course, wrote a poem, to I don’t know how many people’s chagrin—my son is one, for sure!) what Life could mean to people with different mind-frames.

A New Freedom

I saw some birds fly 

And thought, “How free they look!”

Then, I snapped the bonds in my mind

And found a new freedom that let me off the hook…



Note: I added this photo from my store as being apt for this poem, because beyond the (g)lowering cloud lies the sun and the blue sky. One only needs to peep carefully and spot the “silver lining”. Nature is a teacher, isn’t she?

Philosophy can get you through a lot!

Philosophy can get you through a lot

Anger, aversion, greed, sorrow, dot, dot, dot

That’s perhaps why it is much sought

And into it, many clever people put their thought!

To be a philosopher, you need not be one of the ‘literate’ lot

Only, to observe and reflect carefully,  you must forget not!

Flower Show Month

During my recent stay at the Western Ghats, I took so many photographs of flowers that I decided to put them up in a (virtual) Flower Show this month. Mentioned this in a post a few days ago too.

Well, here’s a gorgeous white rose framed in its own green-red leaves to welcome us and get the show going!


Free Duo: a Bul-Bul Couple 💜

A majestic bower of bougainvillea. Well, I am using this photograph as a pretty puzzle too.

A little someone is hiding there. But, he is visible to the sharp eye. Can you spot him?

Clue 1: He is a bird. In fact, a Red-whiskered Bulbul.

Clue 2: He is on the right-side of the picture, on a front branch.

Would you like to see his lady? She is in the next photo!  Hope this free duo delights you as much as they did me and my husband! 💜💜



A Narrow Strip of Window Rectangle


Could a narrow strip of window-rectangle

Heart and mind entangle?

Well, mine did—on a glorious summer noon.

Showing a bit of azure sky and a majestic mango tree,

Bursting with flowers that danced free;

A wisp of coconut frond too it framed,

Letting my imagination go untamed…

How many flowers would become fruit, how many would fall?

How many would get trampled and all?

Mango and coconut, trees so different,

Stand they together with (their) identities apparent.

Man and Wife, they are not alike.

But, only some remain distinct and co-exist without dislike.

Well, musing thus I realized:

In that instant, the narrow space—the mere window-rectangle,

Had showed a slice of life, without a wangle.