Someone’s Waiting!

This cute cat waits patiently at the neighbor’s backdoor every morning to be fed!


‘Ghostly’ Cat Takes Shape ;)

On a trip to a beach resort, I saw a cat walking on a roof, intending to climb a tree close by.

My son is extremely fond of cats, and I wanted to take some photos to show him. But then, I failed to focus properly and the result was a series of ghostly images. However, I liked them quite a bit and hence sharing!

A Cat Sat on a Mat

This cat lives in an apartment block where I visit sometimes. She is affectionate and unafraid. A friend to the security officers and cleaning staff there. She shares their lunches and dinners and her humans vouch that she presents herself at mealtimes, as if on cue, with no calling needed! She accepts a bite or two here and there from friends like me too.

The Zen Cat


At Thiruvidandai temple near Chennai today.

The cat sat under a cart (that is meant to take temple deities in procession) with closed eyes, absolutely still. In the middle of all the clamour and movement around (and I and husband sitting just a foot away).

Well, given the feline friend’s pose and the location, I couldn’t shrug it off as ‘cat nap’ .

Can you meditate like that?

The Daily Drama Dose


A sparrow and his mate

sat in the sun and ate

juicy worms and stuff.

Came a cat’s sinister purr

there was a hurried whirr

the pair fled, feathers and fluff.

The cat stalked in there

with his tail in the air

all insouciant and bluff.

Finding himself alone

he gave a baffled moan

And vanished in a huff.

This sort of daily drama dose

is common for those

who observe nature and its stuff.



Well reader, do you identify with this poem? Nature’s drama is routine, wouldn’t you agree?

‘Portrait Picture’ of a Cat

This one is from my older archives. Saw this cat on a terrace opposite my room window. I loved the way it was lazing and its pointless ambling. And the pale green eyes—so cool and piercing!

Well, a tree came in the line of vision. And when I captured the grey-ginger on camera, the tree became a beautiful haze that matched its eye colour, giving the picture a significant face-lift (at least, that’s what I think 🙂) and making it look like a stylish portrait picture!

Mm, you would agree?


A Cat on the Wall

A couple of days ago, I opened my study window. And what do I see? A cat on the wall! (or the jutting portion of a wall, if you will).


She didn’t look at all like having two thoughts, though—she was certain about staying put and resting!

And here’s a bit more about her. Her name is Champion’s League, because she watches the football matches! She belongs to my son’s friend and neighbour. Champ is too sweet and comes up to anyone and everyone for some rub-down.

Once, she came to our doorstep and demanded loudly—absolutely commanded me, I assure you—to be let in. I had to turn her away with many a word and gestures!