A Squirrel Wrap! (photograph)

A little squirrel drapes itself around a tree branch like a wrap, the better to see what’s happening below!

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 16.25.11.png


A Cat Awaits (photo)


This cat sat rapt (unintended rhyme there!) at the entrance of a temple I visited recently. Time was about 9.30 pm. I thought may be it waited for a mouse for its nocturnal hunt.

A Dove


A dove walks into my bay window. ❤.

It was doing this twice a day, every day, for over 2 months. Probably looking to nest.

Sometimes, it would bring its mate along. They’d strut for a few minutes, survey the surrounding, give me sidelong glances and push off. ❤.


Snoozing Squirrel

A squirrel snoozes in the warmth of the early morning sun. Outside my window.

Before you wonder, they sometimes sleep with open eyes. They have to be careful as they have many predators!

He kept still for several minutes, and that’s why I concluded he was asleep.  Usually, they are nervous and frisky. Well, quite possibly, he was sunning himself.


Hey, I’m Not Your Everyday Garden Lizard!


I photographed this fella while in the Western Ghats/Nilgiris Mountains, India. Here’s a small story relating to the session.

The lizard had darted into a clearing and sat basking there. I, sitting with my husband on higher ground, noticed the movement and began photographing it. Suddenly, a huge truck started and rolled along its path.

I was horrified, but my husband reassured me that it wasn’t a dud and would dart away. Thank god, he turned out right. The second photo is after the lizard had coolly moved off!

What do you think of this creature? I think it is cute and unique!