Snoozing Squirrel

A squirrel snoozes in the warmth of the early morning sun. Outside my window.

Before you wonder, they sometimes sleep with open eyes. They have to be careful as they have many predators!

He kept still for several minutes, and that’s why I concluded he was asleep.  Usually, they are nervous and frisky. Well, quite possibly, he was sunning himself.


‘Portrait Picture’ of a Cat

This one is from my older archives. Saw this cat on a terrace opposite my room window. I loved the way it was lazing and its pointless ambling. And the pale green eyes—so cool and piercing!

Well, a tree came in the line of vision. And when I captured the grey-ginger on camera, the tree became a beautiful haze that matched its eye colour, giving the picture a significant face-lift (at least, that’s what I think 🙂) and making it look like a stylish portrait picture!

Mm, you would agree?


It’s Crow Time, Folks!

Did you know? Crows are one of the cleverest, most resilient and adaptable bird species!

Here, I present a few fascinating photos from my collection…

  1. “We too know geometry, and what equidistant means. And sometimes, hierarchy rules!”


2. “We always share and eat, and live by the dictum The more, the merrier. Yummy cooked rice!”


3. “We could be as ‘punny’ as the next guy—we are en’light’ened crows”


4. “We are an affectionate couple and can treat each other with warmth”