Light Orange and White, Sunny and Bright, Just Right: Flower Show, Day 18


Orange and white,

Sunny and bright

Full of light

Just right!

A lovelier, livelier vision, not easy to see!


Flower Show, Day 7: Giant ‘Umbrella’


This flower is about 8 inches long—not sure if that’s apparent from the photograph.

It had just rained and the flower was dripping, just like everything else, when I photographed it.

Yet, it seemed like an umbrella to me! Owing to its size and shape, I suppose. And, isn’t that pastel colour too pretty for words?

Monkey Climbs a Tree, Bares its Fangs

Must say this monkey’s round head and soft brown fur made him look super-cute!


Well, this one seems to be in a bad temper! I believe quite a few of us assume this face when hungry or encounter unwanted intrusions at work 😬


I was sitting on a lawn with my husband, chatting. My hand bag was a few feet away from us. There were several trees about, with these monkeys rampaging. One of them climbed down, ran up to my bag and began peeking in. Another moment and he would have made off with it!

My husband said, “Shoo, shoo” (not calling for his shoes, of course) and I (quite pointlessly) cried, “Sorry, you can’t have it, buddy. I need the bag myself.” And we walked towards the scene. Well, I do not know which of us two he listened to—he scampered off, leaving my stuff intact.

The lesson is: it is important to watch out for ourselves when wild animals are around—irrespective of whether they are ferocious or not. Because, there are so many other naughty, playful ways in which they can get us!

And Then,We Shall Be Orphans.

Nature’s palette, difficult to match

Oh, where else is such beauty without a catch?

The giving heart of a mother

Is never given to any other!

FullSizeRender (2)

Nature bestows and we take

But, our coveting thirst, how long can she slake?

One of these days, she might go asunder

And then we shall be orphans, we’d better ponder…


A Jasmine Bloom… and a stick


How this soft, headily fragrant and lovely jasmine bloom stands in stark contrast to the hard and unsightly stick! But, did you know this is the  very stick on which the plant leans and grows strong?

By the by, this charming piece is from my mother’s personal garden on our family farm.