The Five Senses

Just a collage for the five senses

The cuck-koo of the koel
The chirp-chirp of the sparrow
Sounds that assuage
Many a little sorrow

The blue of the skies
The cobalt of the sea
Sights that lift
Many a broken spirit

The aroma of flowers
The fragrance of wet soil
Smells that soothe
Many a troubled mind

The sweet of fruits
The crunch of nuts
Tastes that nourish
Many a fatigued palate

The cool of a soft breeze
The feel of a warm sun
Touches that enliven
Many a dead hope

Watch Your Relationships

Watch your relationships.

What is it one can reconcile?

Differing opinions

Varying personalities

Contrasting behaviour


One cannot reconcile

Differing principles

Varying values

Contrasting character

Watch your relationships

Decide where you want to be.

More important,

Decide where you don’t want to be!

Philosophy can get you through a lot!

Philosophy can get you through a lot

Anger, aversion, greed, sorrow, dot, dot, dot

That’s perhaps why it is much sought

And into it, many clever people put their thought!

To be a philosopher, you need not be one of the ‘literate’ lot

Only, to observe and reflect carefully,  you must forget not!

Heaven or Hell? It’s in your thought.

Heaven and hell—

both are in the mind

Hence every thought

We must choose well.

A pleasant thought

infuses bliss

A bitter one

sets it to naught.

A benevolent notion

gives strength

A hostile one

sets trouble in motion.

A positive feeling

increases optimism

a negative one

is never a healing.

What we let

into the mind:

heaven or hell

it will get.

(On earth and in later life).




What would you do, when you felt off-colour?

What would you do, when you felt off-colour?

Would you grab a Coffee

Or read Philosophy

Would you rant

Or say, “Lose my cool! I shan’t”?


Would you tear at your hair

Or plonk in your favourite chair?

Would you shed tear after tear

Or lightly smack your rear?


Would you let out a loud yell

Or be silent and get well?

Would you rue your plight

Or sit down to write?


Would you quit the fray

Or quietly pray?

Wow, are there so many ways to cope?

One sometimes forgets there’s always—always hope!

I Yearn for a Robot



Oh, I wish I had a robot I could command
—a compliant friend that fulfilled my every demand

“Could you wake me and ready my bath?
Also, could you lay my breakfast and clear the aftermath?”
The clever chum would run (or perhaps roll) to do my bidding
I would have everything ‘just so’—no, I am not kidding

Eating my food, I would confide in my pal:
My joys, annoyances, thoughts, doubts et al.
The buddy would listen and make all the ‘right’ replies:
Celebrate, curse, appreciate, assuage—from infinite memory supplies

But, introspecting, I know the robot ally I cannot fully ratify
There are times when only a ‘heart’—not mere brain—will signify
I realise the robot would only be a machine, a stranger
By letting it displace real relationships, my emotions I cannot endanger.