Sitting on top of MY world!

A dragon fly sitting atop a palm frond seemed to say – “I am on top of MY world; there is no need to be on top of THE world.” Wouldn’t you agree?

Window Watch : Natural Shower

Here’s an eagle thoroughly enjoying and utilising a thunderstorm!

Well, there must be some difference between showering unshackled and showering in confined spaces, right?

This eagle has been sitting here for several minutes now, opening and shutting its wings, and turning this way and that, and getting a full-drench.

Where does a flower grow?!

We usually see flowers growing near the top of a tree.

On a recent shopping trip, I was surprised to see one flower growing right near the base of a tree.

Here it is for you to see – and either feel surprised too or think of times you have seen a similar sight!

Trip to Vedanthangal Water Bird Sanctuary

Tens of thousands of birds come to ‘Vedanthaangal’ near Chennai from different parts of the cold world.
I was there yesterday with my husband and son.
All the birds were in various stages of nesting. Found their behaviour very different from the other times (when we have seen crowds of birds along other water bodies in suburbs of Chennai city).
The birds were extremely subdued / controlled. Minimal movement, no noise even at shut-down time. The whole atmosphere was one of peace and calm—just what little ones and parents(-to-be) need.
And I could sense the same sense of tranquil behaviour with the human crowds parading (on the tract parallel to and about a hundred metres away from this expanse of water).
An experience that engaged at a deeper level. 
Here is a photograph. A Spoonbill stoops to forage. A Pelican sits still. And scores of water birds mill around in the background.
I shall post more photos soon.