A Poem on New Tech – 3D Printing

3D Printing comes to town,
a technology of renown.
Toy houses to skyscrapers can brew
From 3D printers: it’s true!

And soon (or maybe in a while),
3D Printing will come to all in style.
A dress here, an artwork there
A surgical accessory to repair a tear:

One can ‘create’ every imagination and need then
But… what will happen to the minimalist Zen?
And if some people print killer guns to use
Peace and quiet will (again) blow a fuse.

When you discover your precious crystal is but ice…

When you discover your precious crystal is but ice

It’s chilling, and not so nice

When the castle you’ve built over the years

Reveals itself as rubble and crumbles about your ears

When your trust stands broken

And you stand shaken

When you begin to doubt your intuition—

That is the time for a lot of introspection

And an opportunity to evaluate

things and people at your gate…

Like tech disruption, this is life disruption

And how you rise up to meet it, determines the conclusion

A precious crystal turns out to be ice, a castle, some rubble—a lady looks on, perplexed.

“The Blues”

This is a photograph I took with my mobile yesterday on an afternoon beach-walk. Location: ThiruvotriyUr, North Chennai.

The blues of the sky and the sea were simply delightful. And I and my family weren’t alone in enjoying them. Incidentally, that stray boy over there is wearing blue!

The beautiful rocky natural ‘wharf’ just upped the loveliness quotient several notches. But, I hadn’t the nerve to cross all that jagged rock on to the ocean front. However, couldn’t resist going on the beach and standing in the waves!

Well, all that bluuuue made me think of a poem I had written many months ago about what it could mean to “Have the Blues”.



Having the blues…

How many blues, how many hues?

The sky’s blues bring on bright & sparkling days

The mountain blue shows majestic mystery, hard to erase

The blue in water is a reminder of cool tranquility & abundance

The blues of flora & fauna show up in delightful incandascence

Then why doesn’t ‘Monday morning blues’ indicate happy optimism & energy?

Why doesn’t ‘feeling blue’ mean euphoric & peaceful synergy?

Beats me… (black & blue)

What connotation must I place on this hue?

And if you ever have the blues, you know what to think, don’t you?


Philosophy can get you through a lot!

Philosophy can get you through a lot

Anger, aversion, greed, sorrow, dot, dot, dot

That’s perhaps why it is much sought

And into it, many clever people put their thought!

To be a philosopher, you need not be one of the ‘literate’ lot

Only, to observe and reflect carefully,  you must forget not!

Dignified Dolly

Note: This poem is on/for Dolly, a female Pomeranian, a family friend years ago, when I was in high school. Some might think I am exaggerating her character—but no, I have written exactly what I feel/felt. And those with animal friends would understand/agree. Animals do bring their own identities… just like us!

About this sketch of Dolly (I used to call her Dolls) I made, I got several frank opinions 🙂

My son, who has seen Dolly only in photos, says it is nothing like her; my husband, who has seen her a few times only, says it isn’t a bad likeness.  My aunt who happened to visit me just now said it looks sort of like a goat!? Her brother and my uncle, who accompanied her, merely gave a baffled look, no words. Hmm, I think I must ask my brother, he is the expert—I can trust him to be candid as always and give some cheeky comment 🙂

For one thing, Dolly had white-cream fur; so I have missed my bus there! Be that as it may, I think I have got her body language and suave expression right! And hence am going ahead with putting her sketch up here! Hope you like it (or at least get a hearty laugh out of it).



And without further ado, here’s the poem:


Part of my family:

A canine on the outside,

A dignified spirit inside!

She joined us as a puppy—

A fluffy white ball that made us happy;

An intelligent creature

With a sweet nature!


The psyche of each of us

Dolly discovered without any fuss

And suited her behaviour

To match our demeanour:

Towards my grandpa, she was wary

And in his presence would not tarry!

With my grandma, she was kind—

A friend with whom she could unwind.

With my uncles and aunt, she was full of flair;

To my mom, she turned for care.

With my dad she was friendly, but distant—

She knew he wasn’t a dog-man: that was blatant!

A willing and clever student she was, for my brother 

And upon me, she cast the protective eye of an elder


When I studied for my exams into the night

She would stay by my side, not minding the light

All those tedious hours then meant nothing

When Dolly was right there… so giving!

Well, time passed and one day she died:

Her life had been my family’s simple joy ride

I have fond memories of Dolly and her lively presence:

What a great companion she made in essence!