Fluffy Clouds, Blue Sky


Note: my experience from a recent short trip to a (semi-urban) village near Chennai, where I live.


Irony in a Mango Farm

Bees are happy:

Mango flowers.

Monkeys are happy:

Raw mangoes.

Birds are happy:

Mango fruits.

Humans are happy:

Pesticides, electric fences, savage dogs, scarecrows…




Note: near our family’s organic farm, I came across several mango farms/orchards using harsh measures to increase/protect yields.

Couldn’t help thinking: though nature is common to all, why do humans try to corner everything for themselves? Can’t we leave at least a portion for other life?

While all other life seems content with what nature provides, we constantly seek happiness outside the realm of nature.

The irony is: it is the ‘nature’ of mankind!


Gung-ho Gooseberry Tree (on our family farm)

Gooseberry Tree (photo courtesy: my son @abhikrishna98)

Here’s a short narrative around this gung-ho gooseberry tree: it was nearly completely smashed during last year’s cyclone Vardah.

But, some careful pruning and a few good showers this summer have revived it, thank God! And the tree goes on yielding berries as of yore, bless it.

My mom, aunt and uncle (the siblings have green thumbs) make some pickles and dry the rest (to soak in sugary syrup at later dates). Both sort taste good 😊

A Jasmine Bloom… and a stick


How this soft, headily fragrant and lovely jasmine bloom stands in stark contrast to the hard and unsightly stick! But, did you know this is the  very stick on which the plant leans and grows strong?

By the by, this charming piece is from my mother’s personal garden on our family farm.

A Mango Bunch Gets Ready to Ripen

These mangoes are from our family’s organic farm. This particular variety is called “sakkarai katti” in Tamil which translates literally into “lump of sugar.”

Well, sometimes one asks, “What’s in a name?” In this case, the name says it all!