Sun-dappled, Idyllic Tea Garden

You don’t have to drink tea to relax. Just being part of this scenery will do that for you!

And you might want to read my poem that follows, afterward!


“Wow, I need a cup of tea, strong

My nerves are on end, all wrong!”

I thought thus, forlorn,

Until an idyllic location, I came upon.

Oh what soothing balm it brought 

And what a lesson it taught:

“Connect with nature, unlimited,

You will feel endlessly blessed.”



Let’s have a Twitter: 2 birds get together over a wire.



Even if you were to casually observe animals and birds, you would stumble upon many funny, clever, intriguing moments that make you smile, wonder, laugh, and worry. This is something I have noticed even as an amateur photographer.

During those aha moments, I usually end up thinking, “Professional animal/wildlife/nature photographers and biologists must be in on so many secrets of nature.”

Spending simple, quiet time with/in nature is rewarding. You wouldn’t dispute that now, would you?

A Bird Flanked by Birds

An Indian Roller (Blue Jay) rests, while its friends (?), a couple of Rose-ringed Parakeets flank it! One of the parakeets, you will notice, is sharpening its beak on the lightning arrester.

When I see birds perch on man-made structures, I can’t help feeling bad for them because, they are likely taking a risk (such as electric shock) without realising it.

So Goes Nature… Into the Future

A farm

no doubt has its own charm.

But, let me remind you:

Don’t let your expectations go askew!

Listen to the silence stark,

interspersed with an occasional bark.

But, too hard, don’t you dare ponder—

with speakers just waiting to blare from yonder.

Take a deep breath of the fresh air,

and lift to the blue sky your face fair.

But, let your fingers be ready—

When toxins burn, your nostrils they must hold steady.

Enjoy the rows and rows of lush green,

Spread your arms and your body preen.

But, never you forget: the next time you cast your eye,

all you might behold is a building high.

Well, life is but transient,

You know it, as a being sentient.

And, so goes nature…

into the future!

Small minivet—I am referring to a cute birdie, not a miniature vet 😁

You’d know, of course, that in most bird species the males are the colourful lot. Well, this post is all about the “small minivet,” a ‘passerine’ variety, capable of perching—having three toes pointing front and one pointing back.

Just cast your eyes on how beautifully our hero stands, framed amidst neem blossoms. After spotting him on this tree (in our farm at Chennai), I hurriedly climbed a nearby terrace to get a better view.


In the following picture, he looks straight into my camera.


And here he is lost in thought—or in observing his mate.


Here is the heroine! She might look a plain Jane to some, but to him, she must be special, right? She is wedged in a shady nook, away from the searing summer heat.