A “Powder Puff” you cannot use for make-up!

How would you like to use this flower as a “powder puff”—well, that happens to be the name of this tree, whose flowers have this ‘tendrily’ softness (I can vouch for that)!

With the sun infusing a glorious glow and the wind caressing away, the delicate pink sure seemed a worthwhile capture… from a trip along East Coast Road, Chennai.


Nature’s Circle: Flower show, day 25


Plant on the soil

Flower on the plant

Petal on the flower

Bug on the petal

Design on the bug

Colour on the design

Same as the soil…

Nature’s circle!

Flower Show, Day 7: Giant ‘Umbrella’


This flower is about 8 inches long—not sure if that’s apparent from the photograph.

It had just rained and the flower was dripping, just like everything else, when I photographed it.

Yet, it seemed like an umbrella to me! Owing to its size and shape, I suppose. And, isn’t that pastel colour too pretty for words?