Coral Jasmine—flowers that look, smell, and feel good!


A carpet of Coral Jasmine flowers on the parent tree. They are called PArijAtA in the Sanskrit language and Pavazamalli in Tamil.

The tree is night-flowering—just a gentle shake of the branches in the morning and a lovely shower of these divine and fragrant flowers will envelop you. One thing we ought to be careful about are itchy worms that seem to find this tree a favourite spot to roost!

We pick the flowers off the ground, string them on threads to make mAlAs (necklaces) for worship. I remember, as kids I and my brother used to make strings that were 2 to 3 metres long and sometimes take them to a ‘HanumAn’ temple, where stood a huge deity of the divine monkey.

Well, here is a photo of a rather dimunitive HanumAn from another temple that I took during a recent visit.