Special Days


Blue Sky

Fluffy clouds

Fresh leaves

Strong trunks

A visual

So lovely

Made me

Look up

And smile

And imagine

Idle afternoons


Just staring

Dozing dreaming

Reading thinking

Bird watching

Insect observing

Animal interacting

Special days…



Watch Your Relationships

Watch your relationships.

What is it one can reconcile?

Differing opinions

Varying personalities

Contrasting behaviour


One cannot reconcile

Differing principles

Varying values

Contrasting character

Watch your relationships

Decide where you want to be.

More important,

Decide where you don’t want to be!

Being Professional


Being ‘Profession’al.
Is that meant only for our professions?

Ethical, practical.
Polite, timely.
Patient, decisive.
Capability, integrity.
Duty, discipline.
Knowledge, clarity.
Hard work, perseverance.
These and more
Make a Professional.

Some words
Convey restrictive meaning.
‘Profession’al Attitude
Must transcend profession.

Professional Attitude
Is a personal attribute.
To teach
At every school.
At every home.

Every person
Must strive to
Be a Professional.

The Teak Tree Outside my Window


Oh dear teak,
You stand apparently mute.
But, do you know you speak
To me, silent but sweet?

Your sight reassures me daily
You remain steady and dauntless
Waving your many arms gaily
In a world seething and restless

I watch you, my friend
You do change in tune to the climate
You go green and brown, but you don’t bend
Come rain or shine or any other fate

You are always there
Rustling, sprouting, shedding, sheltering…
Without you, my horizon would seem bare
Thank you dear, for…. just being!