Every Surface a Canvas

Every surface a canvas

All the world a museum

Nature paints

Infinite colours

Innumerable patterns

Shouldn’t we admire

The different strokes daily?

Irony in a Mango Farm

Bees are happy:

Mango flowers.

Monkeys are happy:

Raw mangoes.

Birds are happy:

Mango fruits.

Humans are happy:

Pesticides, electric fences, savage dogs, scarecrows…




Note: near our family’s organic farm, I came across several mango farms/orchards using harsh measures to increase/protect yields.

Couldn’t help thinking: though nature is common to all, why do humans try to corner everything for themselves? Can’t we leave at least a portion for other life?

While all other life seems content with what nature provides, we constantly seek happiness outside the realm of nature.

The irony is: it is the ‘nature’ of mankind!


Flower Power (poem) and June 2017 Flower Show



Flower Power Poem

Note: my poem above is inspired by Lord Emsworth, a P.G. Wodehouse character, who is never happier than amidst flowers. Whenever he visits London (he lives in the country), he feels nervous and irritable. To “soothe his ruffled soul”, he has the habit of escaping to the Kensington Gardens and “sniffing at the flowers” 🙂 And whenever I read those parts, I too feel strangely happy!


Now, here is a virtual flower show to delight you!

White Rose, Fresh and Pure, Day 1
Yellow, Yellow, Bright Fellow, Day 2
Violet Wonder, Day 3
A Splash of Orange, Day 4
A Red, Red Hibiscus, Day 5
Peach-Cream Vision, Day 6
Giant Umbrella, Day 7
Common Canna? Not When There Are 4 Distinct Hues, Day 8
Stunning in Solitude, Day 9
A Bouquet, Nature-Made, Day 10
Cup of Plenty for the Bee, Day 11
Red Rose, Up Close, Day 12
Tricera… roses, Day 13 (also Haiku)
Red-White Zebra, oops Zinia, Day 14
A Plump, Pink Rose, Day 15
Pretty Peachy Petals, Day 16
Flower Becomes Food, Day 17
Light Orange and White, Day 18
Flower With a Difference, Day 19
A Large Flower, Magenta in Colour, Day 20
A ‘Couple’ of Flowers, Day 21
Ixora Coccinea in Three Colours, Day 22
Sea Anemone or Flower, Day 23
The Blushful Hippocrene, Day 24
Nature’s Circle, Day 25
Unique in Shape, Pattern, Colour-Combo, Day 26
Ice-Cream? Day 27
Magnificent Magentas, Day 28
Awesome Foursome, Day 29
A White Rose Again, Day 30