Where does a flower grow?!

We usually see flowers growing near the top of a tree.

On a recent shopping trip, I was surprised to see one flower growing right near the base of a tree.

Here it is for you to see – and either feel surprised too or think of times you have seen a similar sight!

Predator – a falcon from my window

A Peregrine Falcon subjects the surrounding to a leisurely scrutiny.

Well, I stood preparing breakfast and was looking out my window idly. And saw a parrot 🦜 perch atop a neem tree. Almost instantly though, it took off, just as another bird landed on a neighbouring tree.

Thinking it must be a predator it fears, I ran to grab my camera and on focusing the lens saw this one. Af peregrine falcon.

Ode to Mango

Our family farm this season.
Photo courtesy: my son Abhishek Krishna.

Oh mango, small and astringent
You have fans like me, fervent

When you grow big and sour
You make mouths water by the hour

And when you turn ripe and sweet
You are an irresistible treat

Oh mango, the king of fruits
I bow low to your roots!