We want to have

A say in everything

But, seldom have the data

To say the right thing


Opinions are welcome—

That’s our perspective

But, forcing specific decisions

Is far from supportive


So, when someone has troubles

And wants a solution

We must listen with care

And guide them to one!



Being Professional


Being ‘Profession’al.
Is that meant only for our professions?

Ethical, practical.
Polite, timely.
Patient, decisive.
Capability, integrity.
Duty, discipline.
Knowledge, clarity.
Hard work, perseverance.
These and more
Make a Professional.

Some words
Convey restrictive meaning.
‘Profession’al Attitude
Must transcend profession.

Professional Attitude
Is a personal attribute.
To teach
At every school.
At every home.

Every person
Must strive to
Be a Professional.