Colour Colour Everywhere

Colour, colour everywhere

Nature’s daily wear!

To the red of a rose

Your heart, don’t close

To the white of a daisy

Turn your whimsy

To the yellow of a sunflower

Bend your fervour

To the pink of a lotus

Show some fuss

To the green of trees

Don’t ever freeze

To all the colours of nature

Bow, an ardent creature!

Special Days


Blue Sky

Fluffy clouds

Fresh leaves

Strong trunks

A visual

So lovely

Made me

Look up

And smile

And imagine

Idle afternoons


Just staring

Dozing dreaming

Reading thinking

Bird watching

Insect observing

Animal interacting

Special days…


A Flower Smiles

A flower smiles

In a little garden

And beams on the world

It has no cordon

Its bright colours

Capture attention

Bees and people

Flock to it in unison

The flower has beauty

Fresh and simple

Enough to give

Food and joy, ample!

Nature Has Answers


Nature has answers.

The cuck-koo of the koel
The chirp-chirp of the sparrow
Sounds that assuage
Many a little sorrow

The blue of the skies
The cobalt of the sea
Sights that lift
Many a broken spirit

The aroma of flowers
The fragrance of wet soil
Smells that soothe
Many a troubled mind

The sweet of fruits
The crunch of nuts
Tastes that nourish
Many a famished (or fatigued)tummy

The cool of a soft breeze
The feel of a warm sun
Touches that enliven
Many a dead hope